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How to locate a phone number on Google Map

The use of smartphones has grown at a rapid pace. We live in an age where a life without cell phones seems impossible. But, as amazing as smartphones are, they come with their own set of drawbacks. For example, we often receive spam texts and calls from a fraudulent phone number, a number without text […]

Discover the hidden features of iOS 15

As always, the new iOS brings its share of hidden tricks. Let’s take a look at all these changes, sometimes minimal, which are quite useful once they are uncovered. The Apple brand has got us used to digging into the bowels of each new operating system to discover its hidden features. iOS 15, available since […]

How to Use Your Android Smartphone More Efficiently

Android is today the most used operating system on mobile platforms, smartphones and tablets. Bought by Google in 2005, it has been improved over the years and has left no chance to its competitors. Only Apple’s iOS has survived, leaving alternatives such as Windows Phone or webOS on the shelf. So if you don’t buy […]

Volume Gets Stuck on my Samsung TV

Your Samsung Smart TV may require a settings adjustment or software update to correct the low volume within our app. Please try the following suggestions: Adjust the speaker settings on your Samsung TV Press the MENU button on your Samsung remote. Select SOUND. Select ADDITIONAL SETTINGS. If you do not see any additional settings, select […]

How to make your cell phone untraceable?

Today’s cell phone users are faced with an ever-increasing problem. It is about the respect of privacy. The scandals concerning large-scale telephone surveillance by the NSA (revealed by Edward Snowden) and other intelligence services have caused controversy in recent years, forcing users to look for ways to secure their personal data. In this article, we […]

Your smartphone is spying on you without your knowledge!

A new study looked at the amount of information collected by smartphones. Using only geolocation, two researchers were able to discover information such as the health status, religion and even ethnicity of users. Virtual reality games, dating, mapping and weather applications… All these mobile applications require access to your location data, but they actually collect […]