With Android 12, notifications will be less intrusive in your games and videos

With Android 12, notifications will be less intrusive in your games and videos

Android 12 also tackles the notification windows when landscape mode is activated: they will be central, more compact and less intrusive. This will have the merit of being less distracting to the user during a video game session or content viewing.

Android 12 continues to deliver its new features in dribs and drabs. The next version of the mobile OS will allow you to control a smartphone with your face, for example, or tap twice on the back of the phone to trigger an action.

These are just two of many new features, plus another small one spotted by Android Police and 9to5Google. This concerns the notification windows when your mobile device is positioned in landscape mode. Previously, said window occupied the entire width of the screen. This will no longer be the case.

More compact and central

By shrinking on the sides, the notification window will indeed become more compact and discreet. It also becomes central. As 9to5Google points out, this results in fewer smart responses. Some elements are also cut off by the pop-up. Here, Google just has to correct the shot.

On the other hand, Android Police does not have this problem and faces a very clean result overall. And in the idea, this novelty may have some added value for the user experience.

If you’re in landscape mode, you probably want to use the full size of your screen to watch content or play a video game, for example. Here, a smaller notification window would be less intrusive and intrusive.

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