10 tips with smartphones that could help you solve several problems

10 tips with smartphones that could help you solve several problems

Ordinary phones started to be smart years ago, and today you can do just about anything with them. There are even some of their secrets that you probably didn’t know yet. Even though they have a very user-friendly interface, which doesn’t require a lot of knowledge to be understood, there are some things that even the most knowledgeable people don’t know. No one can know all the little tricks that exist in the world, and that’s where we can help you.

Sympa always cares about its audience, and that’s why we have developed a new series of smartphone tips that will be very useful to you, we can assure you that you will learn something new right now!

1- Disables the automatic rotation function

You should disable the automatic screen rotation feature and use it only when needed. Leaving it on will operate a special sensor called an accelerometer, which wastes a large part of the battery charge.

2- Avoid using the phone while it is charging.

These short load cables are not there to bother you. They are actually meant to discourage you from using your phone while it’s charging, because it’s not good for battery life.

3- Put your phone in “airplane mode” so that it recharges faster.

Switching to “airplane mode” prevents the phone from searching for a signal, which speeds up charging considerably. Although today’s smartphones have a super fast charging speed, it’s still a good trick if you’re looking for a faster way to recharge your battery.

4- Press and hold down the shutter button to take continuous pictures.

The “Continuous Shooting” function allows you to capture up to 20 images per second, depending on the phone model. Not many people know this, but all you have to do to use it is hold down the shutter button and let the magic happen.

5- You can use the volume keys as a trigger.

Trying to take pictures with only one hand, pressing at the same time on the default shooting button, can be very difficult, especially if you have a very large mobile. This function of the volume buttons will make it easier for you.

6- If you park your car in a new place, take a picture of something to remind you where you left it.

Who hasn’t forgotten at least once where they parked their car in a large parking lot? If you’re one of those people, when you’re in a new parking spot, take a picture of something that serves as a reference point or stands out to remind you where your car is.

7- How to improve the audio while recording a video

You can improve the audio quality of your videos by covering your microphone. This trick works because it attenuates background noise, which allows you to hear the main audio stream better.

8- Sunglasses as sun filters

This tip is a bit unusual, but try it, you’ll be surprised by the results! If the light in the picture is too bright, cover the camera on your phone with sunglasses. This way, the brightness will be reduced, the lighting will be improved and the image will be much more beautiful.

9- A black wallpaper will save you more battery power.

The brightness of your phone is one of the many ways to drain the battery faster. To reduce power consumption, simply set a dark background.

10- How to properly clean your phone screen

Research has shown that your phone has more bacteria than a toilet bowl because many dirty surfaces and hands touch it every day. Fortunately, all you need to clean it is a mixture of 80% water and 20% alcohol (isopropyl, for example). Put it in a spray bottle, spray the liquid on the moving screen and clean it.

11- Amplify the volume of your morning alarm clock

If you’re afraid you won’t wake up because the alarm isn’t loud enough, put your phone in a cup or bowl. This will amplify the sound.

12- Restart your phone at least 3 times a week.

Your phone should not be running at full capacity all the time. To ensure your phone is working properly, reset it at least 3 times a week. This way, applications will be restored and your phone will be able to take a break.

We hope this article will help you and make your life easier, if you know any smartphone tricks we haven’t mentioned, let us know in the comments below!

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