Discover the hidden features of iOS 15

Discover the hidden features of iOS 15

As always, the new iOS brings its share of hidden tricks. Let’s take a look at all these changes, sometimes minimal, which are quite useful once they are uncovered.

The Apple brand has got us used to digging into the bowels of each new operating system to discover its hidden features. iOS 15, available since September 20, is no exception to the rule.

New aesthetic features

Text size customization is now possible for each application. Just go to the Control Center to select this option. As before, you can also choose to act on all the apps.

When updating, you may be surprised to see the Safari search bar appear at the bottom of the screen. Apple justifies this choice by saying that it allows for better usability. However, it is possible to return to the previous location. A simple press on the right side of the bar (Aa) allows it to move thanks to a new option.

Tips to know

The Night mode of the Camera application is particularly successful. Its use allows you to take beautiful shots, even with minimal light. Until now, it could not be permanently disabled, which could be a problem for the most creative among us. The “Preserve settings” option is now available. It allows to memorize the desired settings, while leaving the possibility of a manual choice.

In addition, the iPhone’s camera lens is now able to scan any text. To do so, you just have to hold your finger on a text field. When you do this, the usual copy and paste commands will appear as well as a “scan” command prompt. Even better, with the Live Text function, it is also possible to extract text from your media.

The Weather application has also been significantly improved, with weather alerts that can be notified. Simply tap the three lines in the bottom corner of the screen to access the notification settings.

iOS 15 allows you to retrieve and transfer your data in the event of your death. The person designated to collect your “digital legacy” will then be contacted by Apple services. The ability to create recovery contacts in the event of lost access is also offered. To access these options, you will have to go to the Login section, then Password and Security.

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